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by Luke Zacny April 30, 2024 4 min read

Long ago, a time before you and I were very much alive on this Planet that we call “Earth”, when a unique object was brought into this universe that would change the course of humanity's direction & evolution from that moment forward. That’s right, we're talking about…coolers!

In the 1940’s, the Ice Chest was introduced into the world during World War II and served as a tool for keeping items cold for our Military. Slowly but surely as the years passed by the Cooler took on and embraced a very different role in society.

By the 1980s the Cooler was then an establishment in the Party Scene. Used for storing beer, ice, and jello shots.Then with Spring Break at its peak, Pauly Shore on MTV getting down n’ dirty in the mist of wildness, it was clear that Coolers were by the side of every good time shenanigans that were taking place in our culture and symbolizing the memories that were taking place around it. Coolers were truly, where the party was at.

Flash forward 4 decades Later we are now introduced with a True Game Changer in the Party Scene. Some could argue that it's all been leading to this exact moment in time. It's also been said if Creed announced a comeback Tour then that meant humanity was ready for the next evolution. Well, as of now their farewell tour tickets have just gone on sale and SHITI Coolers just came out with a new cooler, go figure!

What if I were to tell you that the Ultimate Party Cooler has been constructed? That there's a cooler out there that will be the last Cooler you would ever want to party with? There's a Cooler that eliminates all the party hassle, problems, and allows you to start drinking with ease! Where its sole purpose was to make your party experience better! Good news, its fucking arrived!

Introducing the Ultimate Backpack Party Cooler. Hold the perfect amount of booze, for the perfect amount of time, at the perfect drinking temperature to party. No more tickle dicken around with low quality, leaky, blown out, no soul pieces of shit that don’t work. These Coolers were constructed with love and with the end result in mind, to have a great ass time.

The Ultimate Party Cooler is lightweight, allowing for effortless maneuvers to booze on the move. It's Leakproof to eliminate any liquids leaking down your ass crack. Just not “out” of your ass crack. If that's the case you’re on your own. And Let’s not forget the stat that everyone freaks out about… Ice Retention. Very valid question. It's the end all be all stat for coolers. Soooo…how long does this sucker hold ice?

Mentioned before, holds Ice for the perfect amount of time to party with. Freezing it at a run time of 24 Hour Insulation (depending on the outside temp) It's the cooler that was designed to get the job done! It's a time duration that is all you need it for. It's safe to say that by the 24 Hour mark, you will NOT be drinking piss warm beer!

Hinting on the structure of this majestic 8th Wonder of the World. With its lightweight design, it eliminates the full body workout of just trying to carry the fucker from the truck bed to the beach. There shouldn’t be any hassle there, that should be the most seamless part of the job. Making it clear that the engineers at SHITI Coolers factored that into play. The intentions were in the air of the average party goer. Put the party on your back and enjoy the good times made easy! By the looks of the current party goers gettin’ SHITI with the Ultimate Party Cooler now, it's safe to say the mission was hit on all angles of this cooler.

One aspect of this cooler that sparks up a special feeling is the Backpack Coolers Customizable features. There is a term for that feeling you feel and that feeling can be described in one word: freedom. Having the freedom to make the cooler how you want, to express that wild side of yourself. Designed with a Velcro Molle Webbing Attachment system, you may add on a Drink Sleeve attachment to the side of the cooler that allows for drinking essentials to be stored. Easily slip a 5th of Booze, Solo Cups, or 20 oz cup into the sleeve to make room in the cooler for the shit that really matters. With the overall structure of the cooler and customizable options. It’s these principles that classify this cooler into its own genre.

Short and sweet. It's designed to make drinkin’ easy. Assembled to change the way we party and was established specifically to be the Ultimate Party Cooler.

For generations to come, this monumental moment in History will go down as the time when the cooler as we know it, embraced its true nature. When the Cooler became one with the Party scene. We owe it to our ancestors who wish they could have a quantum leap during their party days to get wild with a Cooler like this.

With all that being said, you may be able to feel the wave coming. That tickle feeling in your plums to make the jump into a revolutionary status of the party scene and be on the road with the Ultimate Party Cooler Company, SHITI Coolers. Or it may just be that shit fast food you ate last night, who knows! But whatever the feeling may be, don’t get the fomo and join the party and live the party lifestyle you’ve been livin’ for years with your new wingman. Cheers to gettin’ SHITI for years to come!