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The Origin Of

Our Underdog Story

In the wet, hot American summer of 2016, Austin Zacny decided to drop an entire week's pay on an overpriced cooler that could withstand the universe and hold ice for weeks. This purchase sounded badass to Austin, but not to his older brother, Trevor, who just returned from a wild weekend bender at a Country music festival where his backpack was more than enough to hold his beers. After making fun of the ridiculous amount of cash dropped on a fuckin’ cooler, Trevor decided to take the joke a step further.

Trevor grabbed an old, beat-to-shit cooler that was in the family for years and taped a napkin with the word “SHITI” on it to the face of the cooler. After some laughs from a video posted to Snapchat comparing the two coolers, the idea became clearer – What if you could sell a sticker that said the word “SHITI” on it to rebrand the old ass cooler you already own? The one with the rusty lid and squeaky hinges, but still works just fine. Who gives a shit if your cooler can withstand a grizzly bear or hold ice for a lifetime when your beer shouldn’t last that long anyways.

A simple SHITI sticker was enough to represent the lifestyle that they’ve been living for years. The youngest brother, Luke, joined the crew to design the logo, a small order of stickers were launched on eBay, and it was at this moment that the cooler culture as we know it was forever disrupted. This was just the start of creating the ultimate party cooler company.

The Launch of SHITI

The original SHITI Coolers sticker started out as a simple joke. After the first batch of stickers was ordered, it didn't take long to sell out on eBay. There was a strong demand for the stickers and it was obvious that this concept was much more than just a sticker.

More Than A Sticker

After transitioning to a simple website, the SHITI Crew made the decision to offer a selection of t-shirts and hats. This rapidly evolved SHITI Coolers into a lifestyle brand and the slogan "Rep Your Old Cooler" took on a life of its own. From Austin's (Co-Founder) bedroom to Grandma's basement, the team was doing whatever had to be done to fulfill orders for their new customers.

Make It Official

The launch of the SHITI Coolers Brand Plate provided a way to rebrand your cooler in a way that a sticker just couldn't quite do. The purpose of this chrome plate was to slap it over any other branding your cooler may already have and officially make it a SHITI Cooler. The Brand Plate was a big step for the crew, but this was just the beginning.

Becoming A Cooler Company

The SHITI Crew throws themselves into the mix of cooler companies with the launch of their first backpack cooler. This 24-can insulated backpack cooler, better known as The Stumbler, wasn't anything special, but it was a turning point for the brand. It was clear that this was what the customers wanted, so it was time to go back to the drawing board and do it even better.

The Second Wind

The next versions of the backpack cooler pushed the boundaries. The designs were vibrant, loud, and made a statement. The launch of new backpack coolers led to improved quality, velcro strips to allow for customization of the backpack with patches, and a velcro beer sleeve to strap your beer to the backpack strap. SHITI Coolers was living up to the slogan "Put The Party On Your Back".

The Ultimate Party Cooler Company

This was a milestone year. The company was featured in Forbes Magazine, the entire crew jumped on board as full-time employees, and big moves were being made to position SHITI Coolers to become a household name. As the company continued to evolve, the "Stay SHITI" lifestyle remained fully intact.


Austin ZacnyDirector of Product

Trevor ZacnyDirector of BizDev

Luke ZacnyDirector of Content

MaverickBrand Influencer