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Questions? We’ve Got You Covered!

Check out the FAQ’s below to answer any questions you may have about our brand or products. If you review the FAQ’s and still do not have an answer, reach out to the SHITI Coolers support team by selecting the "Open a support ticket" option in the navigation menu or footer menu and a member from our team will take care of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The co-founder, Trevor, grabbed an old, beat-to-shit cooler that was in the family for years and taped a napkin with the word “SHITI” to the face of the cooler. After some laughs from a video posted to Snapchat, the idea became clearer – What if you could sell a sticker that said the word “SHITI” on it to rebrand the old ass cooler you already own?

You can send a direct email to our support team at

Made-to-order means that the item itself is not created until your order is placed. This provides us with the necessary flexibility to consistently push out new designs and have an almost endless supply of inventory. Please note that all made-to-order items are final sale.

All of our made-to-order items (apparel and stickers) are final sale. Other products, such as backpack coolers, patches, and cups, follow a 30-day return policy.

SHITI Coolers was established in 2016.

You can start a return or exchange by visiting

All made-to-order items (apparel and stickers) are shipped from Gaylord, MI. All other items are shipped from Chicago, IL. Depending on what items your SHITI Coolers order contains, you may receive multiple shipments.

Yes, but It will cost more for shipping. We encourage people from all parts of the world to get SHITI!

Once you return your return/exchange item to the post office and the label is scanned in, you will receive an email containing your gift card information.