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Big News From SHITI!

HEY!! It’s Trevor,  

I’m one of the Co-Founders of SHITI Coolers along with my brothers, Austin and Luke. We wanted to personally thank you for being interested in the brand we started from our grandmas basement back in 2016.. 

Over the past 7 years, we’ve busted our asses while bootstrapping this company from a single sticker on an old ice chest to a disruptor in the cooler space.. 

You may be thinkin’.. “WTF IS NEXT FROM SHITI?!”

HERE IT IS! We’ve recently partnered with the founder of Death Wish Coffee, Mike Brown! He’s joined us to help build The Ultimate Party Cooler Company! We’re stoked as hell to have Mike part of the team and can’t wait to share what’s on the horizon for years to come! 


“It was love at first sight when I saw my first SHITI Cooler at Watkins Glen during a NASCAR race in 2022. I reached out to Trevor, Austin, and Luke immediately and told them, I get it, let me be part of this ride and let me help deliver products that change the way we think about partying. A few months later I was part of the team and since then I’ve been learning as much as possible about coolers, partying, and my favorite part… the SHITI Community. Join our loyalty club, join our FB group, follow our social and let us know who you are and how we can deliver on our promise to make drinkin easy!”


Whether you've partied with us at the tracks in the past, ordered online or just joined the SHITI Crew... we’re pumped YOU are on this journey with us!! Here’s 15% off your next purchase! Use code: SHITI2016 at checkout! 

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The SHITI Guys